The Most Seamless And Fastest Way To A Online Video Marketing Solution That Will Keep You In Front Of Your Customers When They're Looking 

Watch Our Professional Grade Video Marketing Solution Grow Your Sales By
  • Presenting Your Business With A Professional Spokesmodel - Showcase the quality of your business by using our professional spokesmodels to promote your customers positive reviews. 
  • Fully Fledged Production, Without A Hollywood Budget  - Your customers will be stunned by how polished your videos are, they'll only assume your spending a fortune on your marketing.
  • Push-Button Production, Providing You With Simplicity - Gone are the days of having to spend days planning your video content. With a couple of clicks of a button, your video will be sent to our production company and will handle the rest.

Here's Your New Video Marketing Solution For Promoting Your Positive Reputation To Highly Engaged Customers

Showcase My Biz will set you up with a video marketing solution that will elevate your businesses long-term organic marketing solution with push-button ease. It's able to do this by turning a video production process that typically takes months and costs thousands, in to being as easy as uploading a picture to Facebook.

Once you've submit your script, background image and applicable customized branding with the press of a button we get production started. With our review videos tailored and customized to fit your brand and business' identity; they become an asset you are able to use to share the excitement you have around your business with your customers. This is how Showcase My Biz as a video marketing solution will elevate your business' long- term organic marketing solution.

Create Professional Grade Videos Without The Headache Of Running A Production Company

Drive Customers To Your Business With Our Professional Spokesmodels Promoting Your Business

The Magic Behind How Showcase My Biz Drives Customers To Your Business When They're Ready To Buy

First We Start With A Stellar Review

The first step to any great testimonial is the actual review. That's why what we've done is give you a few options to find it. You can either add in your own review you may be aware of, or, by using our BPM system, we will actually be able to put together a list of your top reviews and then all that's left for you to do is choose from the best.

Take for example, a film studio; just like how you get started with a great testimonial, they are on the look out for a great script. It can take them months, and even years to find the right script before they decide to commit to begin shooting. That's one stress we wanted to take off your plate.

Then We Create Your Videos Set

So you've got your script, the next step is building your set. From designing your costumes, sourcing your props, to rebuilding your forgotten mist-covered village just the right way - it's always big job, customization is everything.

That's why when it comes to building your video, we strove to make customizing it as simple as ever. What we've done is allow you to upload any logo you'd like giving you custom branding. Add any personalized contact information so your customers can reach you. We're even letting you add any custom backdrop photo you'd like that we will use to set your testimonial video's location right in your place of business.

Followed By A Casting Call

Script, check. Set, check. Now you need your stars! This is the daunting task that can decide the fate of your films success, even with the best of scripts. It requires the constant balancing of a tight budget with the quality of performance.

What we've done is take this stress off your plate. We've sourced a group of handpicked professional spokesmodels to star in your testimonial. This is so that you can rest easy, and stay focused on your business.

Now We Start Production

You've got your script, created your set and hired your stars; It's time to produce your film! This is where all 3 of these parts need to work together in tandem and the director's hat needs to be put on... except, you become more of a glorified project manager trying to work around poor weather conditions, stars calling in sick, sets breaking - there's always another fire to put out.

That overwhelming feeling of 'what did I get myself into?', is what we never want you to have to feel. That's why, once you've chosen your review and added your custom branding, we take care of the rest. You're not left chasing after people not showing up, you get to have your video produced with push-button ease (literally, you just press one button in your dashboard to begin production)

Make Any Final Edits In The Editing Room

You spent the past while bringing your script, set and stars together to produce a high quality film - it's time for your a film screening! This is where your 3 and a half hour film becomes translated in to a easy to digest 2 hour film, by balancing the story you want to tell your audience while keeping their attention.

What we've done for you is built you your own editing room to screen your film in your dashboard. Once your review video has been produced, you get the opportunity to review it and make sure it's just right for your customers.

Now We Bring It To Theaters

Of course, the last step of producing any great film is to release it in theatres. Invite all your friends, pick up some popcorn and enjoy the show.

And this is where the value comes for you. After you've created your review video you get to do just that, sit back and celebrate and share it with your friends, family and customers. You're giving your customers new ways to be as excited about your business as you are.

The Solution To Promoting Your Business Online Is Just Moments Away

You've seen just how quickly Showcase My Biz can build you an online video marketing presence your business can be proud of and ultimately will bring you in highly engaged and targeted customers. You know that this is accomplishable because we're presenting your businesses glowing positive reviews with a professional spokesmodel to deliver the message. Plus, once you start using Showcase My Biz, the sooner you'll see your brand grow a larger online presence by dominating video sites like YouTube with high quality video content. So pick the package that fits the needs of your business, and start watching your business online traffic grow!

Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users
 - Aberdeen Group
79% of all global consumer Internet traffic will come from video by 2018
- Cisco
55% of shoppers say that online reviews influence their buying decisions
 - Kissmetrics

A Flexible Solution To Fit Within All Needs Of Every Business

Tired of being pitch video marketing products that are built on Hollywood production budgets ?
From the moment we conceived Showcase My Biz, we built it to be a marketing solution that can scale along with the growth of your business. Which means if you're just starting out, or if you have been established for years. Your business can benefit from all of the following benefits Showcase My Biz provides...
Production With Push-Button Ease

When it comes to video content creation; sourcing even just a script and models can be quite challenging. But what about when it comes to actually producing the video? Where are you going to produce it? Who is going to be filming it? How much will it end up costing? These are just some of the questions you'll be left asking yourself. We've made the production process be as simple as being the press of a button within your dashboard. Select the review you'd like, your turn around time, and your customized branding and submit it. We take care of the rest, and best yet - you know what investment you're making upfront, there's no unexpected costs that can pop up out of nowhere breaking your budget.

No Equipment, Casting, Or Location Permits Required

It's typically extremely hard for a business to be able to commit to video marketing campaign even if they want to because of the thousands it can undoubtedly cost in just camera, microphone and lighting costs, not even considering a professional spokes model or any editing. That's why a massive advantage we'd be remiss to mention is that all the materials needed for video production, all those upfront costs, we absorb them. So that video marketing can make sense for your business as a sound investment.

Professional Spokesmodels Promoting Your Brand

A big challenge businesses face when trying to pursue a video marketing campaign is finding the right people to be put on the lens. That stress has been taken out of the process. We've sourced and vetted a group of professional spokesmodels so that you firstly, don't have to worry about finding them in the first place. But more than that, you don't have to worry about your spokesmodel calling in sick - we take care of that for you.

Personalize These Videos With Your Businesses Brand

Maximizing your return on investment is always our mission. A key way that we're able to do this and actually support you further, is by allowing you to brand your review video. And we don't mean by buying a 3rd party application and overlaying it on top - none of that nonsense. We've built in a system to allow you to brand your own video all from within our dashboard. Just include your customizations before you submit your video for production and the rest will be taken care of for you.

Automatically Curate Your Best Reviews

Choosing which review to invest in and produce a testimonial video is an important decision. That's why if you don't already have a clear winner in mind, or even if you want a second opinion, we built out a review curation system. What it will do is first, look at all the key review sites that you are on, and then actually import them all on one page. No more sifting through website upon website for hours to try and find the best review.

Control Your Production Turn-Around Times

In a world where time is everything, we wanted to give you more control over your time. That's why we're happy to offer you a quicker turn around time if you'd prefer. This is a premium service given we have to raise your videos production above others, but it makes us happy to be able to be able to be more flexible to your needs.

One Dashboard To Keep Everything Together

With professional spokes models, customizable branding, a review curation system and controllable turn-around time what we knew we had to do was keep it simple. That's why you can grab the reigns on all of these things from one place, your dashboard.

Plus So Much More As Were Always Adding New Features To Our Dashboard To Give You The Tools You Need To Grow!

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1 Review Video

  • Professional Spokes Models
  • Branded To Your Business
  • Optimized For Visibility
  • Final Version Proofing
  • 14-Day Production Time


One Time Purchase. No Monthly Fees.


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1 Review Video (Monthly)

  • Professional Spokes Models
  • Branded To Your Business
  • Optimized For Visibility
  • Final Version Proofing
  • 7-Day Production Time

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2 Review Videos

  • Professional Spokes Models
  • Branded To Your Business
  • Optimized For Visibility
  • Final Version Proofing
  • 10-Day Production Time


One Time Purchase. No  Monthly Fees.